The Bitcoin network uses a transaction model that is very similar to our everyday cash. In order to pay a desired amount, several bills or coins often have to be spent at once. For a Bitcoin transaction, this means that each additional UTXO requires additional blockspace. Many users therefore ask themselves how big "the banknote", i.e. the amount in Bitcoin, should be chosen so as not to lose too much in percentage terms due to the transaction fee. With our UTXO-dust calculator, you can calculate this easily and individually.

Current minimum fee: 

A UTXO with an amount of or less could therefore not currently be spent sensibly, as the storage space consumed by the input and output alone would consume as much or more fees than the actual value of the UTXO. Note that particularly low amounts may fall below the current limits of Bitcoin Core.

Individual amount

Recommended UTXO amount: 

Note that your chosen fee percentage that you are willing to pay has been included here. Only at around would this UTXO amount be fully consumed by the transaction fee. Until then, the UTXO can still be spent more or less wisely.

Frequently asked questions

The UTXO topic is quite difficult to understand, especially for beginners, and sometimes very abstract. This may make this calculator seem all the more strange and perhaps even unsettling. Here you will find answers to some common questions.

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