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Bitcoin: getting started!

10 Beginner's questions & answers

Basic concepts

What is a white paper?

What is cryptography?

What is a hash?

What is a blockchain?

What do KYC & AML mean?

What is a wallet?


What is a mempool?

What is Bitcoin mining?

What are ASIC miners?

Block reward, subsidy and Coinbase transaction explained

What are private & public keys and public addresses?

What are Bitcoin addresses?

What is a UTXO?

What is an optional passphrase?

What is a soft/hard fork?

What is a Sybil attack?

The Lightning Network explained simply

What is a Bitcoin Halving?


What actually is money?

The characteristics of good money

What is a double spend?

What is an order book?

What does "pump and dump" mean?

What are "weak hands"?


What is the Genesis block?

Why 21 million Bitcoin?

What is the "problem of the Byzantine generals"?

What are cypherpunks?

10 crypto memes and their meaning