Our founder - Roman Reher

After IT expert Roman Reher created a YouTube channel in 2018 to educate the general public about Bitcoin, decentralization and the digital age, it was just a hobby for him. Over time, however, interest in these topics grew steadily and with it the number of his followers.

In 2020, Reher and a business partner decided to found a company and further professionalize his existence in the field of Bitcoin education. The project and the brand Blocktrainerhave since been operated by bCyber GmbH, based in M├╝nster (DE). Reher is the managing partner of the company.

Since then, the YouTube channel, the website, a dedicated forum and all other social media presences(Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Telegram) have continued to grow strongly andBlocktrainer is now the most successful and widest-reaching German brand with a "Bitcoin only" focus.


Expert in print, radio & television

The block trainer-Blocktrainer founder Reher has worked both behind the scenes and in front of the camera as an expert and interview partner for TV productions for public broadcasters (including ARD, ZDF, NDR, 3Sat) as well as private broadcasters (e.g. Kabel 1, GIGA).

In demand as a speaker

Roman Reher is now a sought-after and popular (keynote) speaker at conferences, congresses and other events in both the crypto and traditional finance sectors.

Please send booking inquiries to info(at)blocktrainer.de